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Gary Bartz - Librasubmitted:
2022/03/01 18:13:16
2022/03/08 03:06:24

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Transcribed as played by Larry Goldings, Peter Bernstein & Bill Stewart on their upcoming album "Perpetual Pendulum".

- Ville -

Re:"Libra" by Gary Bartzsubmitted:
2022/03/02 01:54:53
2022/03/02 01:54:53

came across this:

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Re:Gary Bartz - Librasubmitted:
2022/03/07 07:33:16
2022/03/07 07:48:00

Barson1, thanks for the chart. I recall seeing it before. I was doubtful about the last chord of the head, and eventually revised it to C7#9. The earlier B/C was seemingly off base.


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