"Pra Lucia" (Itibere Zwarg)

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"Pra Lucia" (Itibere Zwarg)submitted:
2021/11/16 10:45:14
2022/01/01 03:12:04

An exceptional composition by Hermeto's bassist ItiberÍ Zwarg (written originally for ItiberÍ's ex-wife). Personally my favourite composition of his. It's a wistful, ethereal Choro-Lento with sublime harmonies. Not a "Jazz" composition, but harmonically it should appeal to Jazz musicians. It follows in what might be called the Hermeto tradition (but that's not to imply it's derivative in any way; it's uniquely ItiberÍ's). Hermeto is actually the unrivalled master of this type of ethereal Choro composition, but ItiberÍ, NenÍ and Guinga (as the most obvious examples) have also written great things in this style as well. A young Brazilian pianist, Felipe Montanaro, transcribed it and he did an excellent job. To work out the chords for this took a lot of skill. Only ever recorded once in 2001 by Quarteto Maogani (Brazil's premier Guitar Quartet, who do stunning arrangements in their own right) - see: Surpisingly no formal sheets were ever prepared for it. It was just composed "on the spot".

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