"Dr. Honoris Causa" by Joe Zawinul

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"Dr. Honoris Causa" by Joe Zawinulsubmitted:
2021/11/02 16:02:57
2021/11/20 09:54:42

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This piece was performed by the composer himself, Weather Report and Cannonball Adderley. A lead sheet of the tune is included in "Cannonball Adderley's Complete Jazz Fake Book". Do any of you have that book?

Best, Ville

2021/11/03 06:23:35
2021/11/03 10:01:38

The form of the tune, and number of bars per section vary a good deal between recordings. Sometimes the length differs between repeats.

The tempo and the form of the chart is based on the composer’s self-titled 1971 album.

2021/11/20 09:50:47
2021/11/20 09:54:42

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This chart was issued in Cannonball Adderley’s Complete Jazz Fake Book (Hansen Publications, Inc.).


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