"Cheyenne" Babik Reinhardt (Manouche Bossa Nova)

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"Cheyenne" Babik Reinhardt (Manouche Bossa Nova)submitted:
2021/10/20 13:53:48
2021/10/27 04:53:27

This is a phenominal Gypsy Bossa Nova by Django Reinhardt's second son, Babik. One of the very best compositions in this genre (to be ranked alongside the much better known "Bossa Dorado" by Dorado Schmitt). Babik could be called the Pat Metheny of Manouche/Sinti Jazz. His chords/feel is more ethereal than a lot of the other Manouche guitar maestros. There's a long affinity between Manouche and Brazilian music (at least as far as Manouche musicians doing nice arrangements of the Bossa standards). Worth checking out Babik's "Sinti Houn Brazil" 73 album for starters: (its original comps though - not "standards")

The solos from "Cheyenne" need transcribing, but that's beyond me. If anyone fancies having a go, please do! Or even doing a more "normal" lead-sheet job on it. There's only ever been one recording of "Cheyenne" on a 98 album:

The "swing"/"balanšo" feel Florin Niculescu (violin), Babik & Romane get on "Cheyenne" is fantastic.

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2021/10/20 13:54:48
2021/10/20 13:57:51

Here's a midi file of "Cheyenne" in case its of any use

trying again with the midi file


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