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Request - Charles Fambrough compssubmitted:
2021/10/11 04:39:32
2021/10/16 20:23:11

Hardly any of the late Charles Fambrough's excellent compositions have been transcribed. Certainly not the ones below. No sheets are available for them. They're definately worth doing (but the chords are hard to nail down). They're ballads - mid-tempo ones. Charles was a bassist from PA that played with Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers, McCoy Tyner and Jerry Gonzalez's Fort Apache Band. Plus he did some great albums under his own name.

From Charles' "Keeper of the Spirit" cd 05 (on YT)

Life Above the Means
Tears of Romance
Secret Hiding Place

From Charles' "Live at Zanzibar Blue" 02 cd (on YT):

Cat Eyes (also on "The Proper Angle" cd)
Bossa For Grover
Zanzibar Blue 1
Zanzibar Blue 2
Fool's Play

From Charles' "The Proper Angle" 92 cd (on YT)

The Dreamer
One For Honor

Attach a sheet for Charles' "Dolores Carla Maria" comp (which was included for free with his "Proper Angle" 91 cd). What a beautiful comp. Its on YT

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