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REQUEST:Captain Marvel (Corea)submitted:
2021/01/08 18:30:30
2021/01/15 18:53:24

Hi folks,

I have scoured the internet to try and source a PDF copy of Chick Corea's piano solo on his composition: "Captain Marvel" - from Return To Forever's 1973 album: 'Light As A Feather'. I have also contacted certain channel owners on You Tube to see if they have it in their library, but to no avail.

Below is a Wiki link and a You Tube demonstration of the transcription (should these help).

I would like to learn this particular track but don't have the time to transcribe it at the moment, for various reasons.

Many thanks in advance for any kind assistance offered here . . .


Paul David Seaman (UK)

Re:REQUEST:Captain Marvel (Corea)submitted:
2021/01/15 18:53:24
2021/01/15 18:53:24

Bump ;-)


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