Lee Morgan - Gary´s Notebook - TAB

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Lee Morgan - Gary´s Notebook - TABsubmitted:
2020/07/27 13:07:20
2020/07/28 12:10:15

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Not sure what the policy is on guitar tab here. Personally I find it better to use rather than score because it forces one to listen to the song while learning it.

Re:Lee Morgan - Gary´s Notebook - TABsubmitted:
2020/07/28 12:10:15
2020/07/28 12:10:15

The chords are: Bb-6, B7b5 repeat for 8 bars then Eb-6, E7 b5, Eb-6, E7 b5, Bb-6, B7 b5, Bb-6 for 2 bars then Db-7, Gb7, C-7, F7 #9, then 4 bars of Bb-6 and B7 b5.

I will make a better sheet of this song with chords later, for now one can use these.


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