Request: "Pra Lucia" by Itibere Zwarg

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Request: "Pra Lucia" by Itibere Zwargsubmitted:
2020/02/02 16:21:24
2020/02/02 16:21:24

Sorry to post so many requests.....this one's something special (not jazz, but with jazzy chords)....written by Hermeto's superb bassist Itibere Zwarg, exquisite wistful progessive choro he dedicated to his ex-wife Lucia ....I asked Itibere if he had the sheet, but he said it was lost.Dam! Here's the only recorded version of the comp by Qt Maogani (the best guitar arrangers for guitar quarterts in Brazil) (there's another YT vid which says its "Pra Lucia" but its a different comp, so just use the link I've shown)..... This one's extremely difficult to do; to hear the wood from the trees etc. I gave up on it; too difficult for me. Its in the tradition of Hermeto's "alice in wonderland" style choros. Only a handful of Brazilians can compose in this style, to this level (principally Hermeto, Guinga, Itibere and Nene). If anyone fancies having a go....magic! Cheers.


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