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Chick Corea Brasilia - a new transcription for tsubmitted:
2020/01/04 05:55:48
2020/01/04 14:01:14

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This is surely one of Chick's most beautiful compositions!

This piece, Brasilia, comes from Chicks album, Lyric Suite For Sextet.
Overall, the album is dark and moody and I don't like it.
However, this track stands out like a beacon - as if Chick felt he should add something light and airy.

I first transcribed this composition over 13 years ago but was never fully satisfied.
Of course, the problem is that it's an *orchestral* piece and, by definition, not every note can be replicated by two hands.
Compromises need to be made ....

Anyway, I continued to get enjoyment from it (mostly) until at the start of 2019.
At this point, I decided I really needed to complete it 100% to my satisfaction.

The piece builds up wonderfully to bar 233 - which is the crux of the piece.
The solo piano bars from 233 to 238 are truly exquisite and took some working out. I think I captured it.

Then there was the issue of bars 259. The original version was a lot fancier but decided to retain the simplicity of this section.
Now, the left hands plays a beat whilst the dominant chord is held. It seems to work.

Of course, there are many strange key signatures as you would expect from Chick.
Take bars 41-49. These could be written in a number of ways. I've simply chosen one of them.

Overall, I am happy with it and it captures the beauty of the piece. I hope that you enjoy it.

Gary Walton

January 2019.

Re:Chick Corea Brasilia - a new transcription fosubmitted:
2020/01/04 14:01:14
2020/01/04 14:01:14



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