"How the West Was Won" by John Scofield

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"How the West Was Won" by John Scofieldsubmitted:
2019/06/27 13:54:15
2019/10/16 04:40:07

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Hey buddies, I need your help with this one!

I didn't include chord symbols in the sketch chart, but added a few piano and guitar voicings for reference. The piece follows 32-bar (AABA) form, where A section is in 5/4 time and B section in 4/4 time.

The harmony at bars 1 - 2 and 5 - 6 of letter A implies an A Phrygian mode (A7susb9), whereas bars 3 - 4 and 7 - 8 suggest an A Dorian harmony (Am7). The letter B denotes E Aeolian (Em7) and Bb Lydian (Bb/E) or C Mixolydian (C7/E) modes. Still, I'm not certain about any of this, and therefore need your advise here.

Are the 8th notes in the A section played in swing time? How about the B section? Please share your thoughts.

Kind regards, Ville

 Fred B.
Re:"How the West Was Won" by John Scofieldsubmitted:
2019/10/15 01:46:52
2019/10/15 01:46:52

Sorry not to answer your question but I didn't know how to send you a message. I read another transcritption you did on John Scofield's Dark Blue. I'd like to present you different notes on mesure 8 on the A section.
I use musescore if you have an xml file, or i can send you a picture if I write on paper.
Thank you for your answer, I hope my english langage is not too bad.
Kind regards,


Fredís transcription of John Scofieldís Dark Blusubmitted:
2019/10/15 17:11:59
2019/10/15 17:13:20

Hello Fred

Iím not a native English speaker either, but I get your point with ease. Please send your xml file to my email and Iíll have a look at it.

Best from Ville

 Fred B.
2019/10/16 04:38:04
2019/10/16 04:41:33

Hi Ville,

Since I don't have your email, here a screenshot with modifications I propose you.
Your transcritption help me a lot, I hope this will interest you.
Have a good day.


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