"Assunta" by Cal Massey

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"Assunta" by Cal Masseysubmitted:
2018/03/14 09:32:08
2018/03/15 14:16:18

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Here's a head chart for Cal Massey's "Assunta". The chart is transcribed from Freddie Hubbard's album "Here to Stay" (recorded in 1962 for Blue Note Records).

Best, Ville

2018/03/15 14:16:18
2018/03/15 14:19:18

On Freddie Hubbard's recording the bass player doesn't follow the ||: Gm | Am :|| changes, but walks up and down an A half-step/whole-step diminished scale. At the same time the pianist plays around A Phrygian tonality, which makes the tune harmonically mixed.

:-) Ville


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