Tigran Hamasyan - Markos and Markos

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Tigran Hamasyan - Markos and Markossubmitted:
2017/12/10 15:28:42
2017/12/24 05:21:14

A transcription of a piece from one of my favorite pianists! Some of the rhythmic feels are hard to convey with notation and hard to analyze. Tigran mostly plays around with switching between swung 8s, straight 8s,16ths, and quintuplet swing...
The transcription pertains to this "original" recording:
Tigran Hamasyan's "Markos and Markos," from his 2017 album, An Ancient Observer.
Enjoy and let me know if you have any questions/feedback.

!!! Upon request by Savva Terentyev the transcription has been temporarily removed !!!


Re:Tigran Hamasyan - Markos and Markossubmitted:
2017/12/21 07:46:38
2017/12/21 08:09:29

Thanks for responding promptly to their request to remove the transcription. It seems that they are preparing sheet music of Tigran Hamazyan’s work for sale.

Re:Tigran Hamasyan - Markos and Markossubmitted:
2017/12/24 05:21:14
2017/12/24 05:21:14


You appear to have an emotional attachment to this particular situation, but the overriding reality is that it's NOT your music.

If the day ever comes that you have intellectual property that you wish to control (in the age of the internet), the lesson learned here will be invaluable.



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