"Fun" by Miles Davis

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"Fun" by Miles Davissubmitted:
2017/06/17 02:46:40
2017/07/21 02:30:53

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Miles Davis originally recorded this piece on January 11, 1968, and it wasn't released until 1981 as a part of compilation album "Directions". The tune is also recorded by Joe Chambers on his 1992 release "Phantom of the City".

I didn't include any chord symbols here, but added sample chord voicings for a reference. (Herbie Hancock plays an electric harpsichord on the recording!) The given bass line is doubled by a guitar, and it continues for solos (with slight variation). Solos are based on the key of D major.

Best, Ville

Re:"Fun" by Miles Davissubmitted:
2017/06/30 14:03:13
2017/06/30 14:03:13

Thanks for the transcription, but what are the chords?

Re: submitted:
2017/07/20 15:25:56
2017/07/21 02:43:44


I didn't include any chord symbols in the chart, because the head doesn't have chords until bar 6. The melody and bass line suggest a basic harmony in the key of D major.

The sample chords from bar 6 onwards are as follows:
|(6/4) G/A D6 |EbMaj7 Bb |EbMaj7 Bb |DMaj7 G/A |D6 GMaj7/B |(Gmaj7/B) |
|DMaj7 GMaj7 |D#-7 E-9 |FMaj9#11 A9(omit3) ||

I don't know if this helped you any. However, I think the bass line is the key motive here.

I guess the recording has another written-out section, which eventually closes the piece.

Best from Ville


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