Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic

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Every Little Thing She Does Is Magicsubmitted:
2017/03/26 06:03:15
2017/04/13 10:16:59

Brief piano transcription (or maybe gist version) of Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic for my niece - from the Ghost in the Machine by The Police. Always liked this tune, but Sting apparently brought it to the band pretty fully formed with a bunch of piano tracks. Copeland reportedly recorded the Police version drum track in one take, and Summers added a few distinctive guitar parts (including one that I bet you never caught in the mix, see multitrack files below) completing its conversion to a more Police-sounding tune. I guess that was all hinted at by the mixer "fight scene" in the original music video.

(on the recording, tuning is A = 450 Hz)

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Some multitrack parts:

guitar, piano, backing vocals:

Sting vocal:



guitar, synth:



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