TROMSŲ by Pat Metheny

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TROMSŲ by Pat Methenysubmitted:
2017/02/26 12:32:55
2017/04/17 14:59:47

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A lead sheet for Pat Metheny's "Tromsų" as recorded on his "Tokyo Day Trip" (2008).

Listen to the piece at

Re:TROMSŲ by Pat Methenysubmitted:
2017/04/17 14:59:44
2017/04/17 15:01:31

Here's a sample of Pat Metheny's guitar figure at the introduction. The arpeggiated notes imply a F#add4 chord harmony. Once the bass comes in with long E notes the arpeggiated F# major figure gets an E Lydian character, and that's why I've written the introduction down as EMaj7#11.

Best, Ville

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