"Beartown" by Sebastian Rockford

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"Beartown" by Sebastian Rockfordsubmitted:
2017/01/21 16:06:33
2017/01/22 04:33:58

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Here's a lead sheet for Sebastian Rockford's "Beartown" as played on Polar Bear's "Held on the Tips of Fingers".

:) Ville

2017/01/22 04:33:58
2017/01/22 12:16:52

This tune has a kooky brass band march feel. The accompanying horns' figure (displayed above the tenor sax. staff) is played staccato (or even staccatissimo). According to a Wikipedia Talk source (at the 9/8 meter would be divided as 2+2+3+2. However, I prefer the given 2+2+2+3 subdivision, which follows the bass line.

I haven't paid too much attention to the chord changes, so please listen to the piece to get it right. Comments are appreciated.

Regards, Ville


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