Request for: "Parks" by John Abercrombie

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Request for: "Parks" by John Abercrombiesubmitted:
2016/07/10 15:34:49
2021/02/28 08:18:43

I really would like this tune in lead sheet or other wise. Been working on it but just can't seem to get the right changes and melody line down. Its off the Enrico Rava "Pilgrim & The Stars" CD written by John Abercrombie. Beautiful tune that's driving me crazy. Any info will be greatly appreciated.

Re:Request for: submitted:
2021/02/27 15:59:30
2021/02/27 15:59:35

It appears that you do not have a plug-in to view PDFs.

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Re:Request for: "Parks" by John Abercrombiesubmitted:
2021/02/28 08:18:43
2021/02/28 08:18:43

Whoops, that double barline at the end of fourth bar shouldn’t be there.


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