Astor Piazzolla - Milonga del angel (update)

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Astor Piazzolla - Milonga del angel (update)submitted:
2016/03/25 10:55:35
2019/02/20 17:45:33

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A Piano arrangement based on my transcription of Piazzolla's quintet version from 1983. The update includes the complete introduction.

Re:Astor Piazzolla - Milonga del angelsubmitted:
2016/03/25 13:30:06
2016/03/25 13:30:06

Not Jazz? It doesn't matter. Astor Piazzolla is a great musician. Besides he looks just like my father. I always try to imagine my Dad playing like that. LOL.

Great job as usual.

Re:Astor Piazzolla - Milonga del angel (update)submitted:
2019/02/20 17:45:33
2019/02/20 17:45:33

Nice job. I'm currently working on a version for guitar that is more representative of Piazzolla's performances of this piece that the existing published arrangements for guitar. I have been trying to get hold of the original score for the Quintet - can you suggest how I can find it? any help will be appreciated.


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