(Request) Im Wald [In The Woods] by Fritz Pauer

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(Request) Im Wald [In The Woods] by Fritz Pauersubmitted:
2015/11/23 01:49:16
2015/11/23 01:49:16

I'm seeking the lead sheet to:

Im Wald [In The Woods]
by the late Fritz Pauer

I'd talked to Fritz about getting a copy of the lead sheet of this jazz ballad from him, a couple years before his death - He said it (along with quite a number of lead sheets of his compositions over the years) was in his basement, and that he'd try to find it.

When I heard about his death, I inquired about his lead sheets and scores, and was informed by his publisher that most of his lead sheets and scores had already been sold en masse by his wife...

However, maybe someone here will come across someone who has Fritz Pauer's lead sheets and scores from performing with him, or from other sources...


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