"Ahmad the Terrible" by Jack DeJohnette

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"Ahmad the Terrible" by Jack DeJohnettesubmitted:
2015/08/17 13:16:13
2015/08/17 18:34:41

This is a transcription of the head of the piece "Ahmad the Terrible" by Jack DeJohnette, which appears on the 1984 album "Album Album" by DeJohnette's Special Edition group. The piece has a 56-bar form, and the head is played twice before the solos and roughly one and a half times after the solos (the recording ends on the C chord at the beginning of the C-pedal section at bar 21, and this last time the chord is played as a C7). Except for this C-pedal section, the head is played without a consistent tempo, instead quickly accelerating and decelerating; during solos, however, the tempo is consistent throughout the form. The melody is mostly built on simple major chord arpeggios separated by a whole step, and in bars 11-16, more complex chords are built by playing major chords over a major chord root a whole step below. The piece achieves a circular effect, in that bars 53-56 (at the end of the form) follow the arpeggio pattern of the first 6 bars.

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