"Joy Ryder" by Wayne Shorter

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"Joy Ryder" by Wayne Shortersubmitted:
2015/07/15 23:03:58
2021/01/18 19:55:21

This is a transcription of the head of the piece "Joy Ryder" by Wayne Shorter. I transcribed this while listening to the version of the tune which appears on Shorter's 1988 album of the same name, mainly because it is a clear studio recording and it is played relatively slowly. Despite this, I do prefer the more recent, fast, and loose live versions which Shorter has played with his "Footprints Quartet." Besides the simple tonic-to-dominant harmonic vamp in A minor over which solos are played on the 1988 version, the majority of the head lacks many clearly discernible chords, and I have only notated the chords of which I am fairly certain. Instead of using chords, the interest in this head mainly lies in the dissonant (I am almost tempted to say atonal), rhythmically-complex melodic counterpoint between Shorter's saxophone part and the bass part.

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