"Paraphernalia" by Wayne Shorter

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"Paraphernalia" by Wayne Shortersubmitted:
2015/05/17 09:53:27
2016/12/02 12:10:56

Hey there! I need your help with this one.

I haven't came upon any sheet music to this piece. This sketch is based on the "Miles In The Sky" version. The other recordings appear metrically much loose. The short phrases, which work as cues for the performers, are played in desired length on the walking bass line. The tag in 3/4 time is played at the end of each chorus. All suggestions are much appreciated.

Best, Ville

[Transcription revised on June 18, 2015]

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2015/05/21 08:34:52
2015/05/22 08:44:51

Hey, does anyone have a sheet music of any sort for this tune? The above given chord changes and modes are based on a hunch, so please don't take them for granted. As always, please share your thoughts.

Best, Ville


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