REQUEST: Zombie by Fela Kuti

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REQUEST: Zombie by Fela Kutisubmitted:
2014/09/14 22:24:30
2014/10/11 22:33:22

Hi there,

This is a great site!

I'm after a transcription of Zombie by Fela Kuti, the Nigerian Afrobeat legend. The structure is quite straightforward because it's a very repetitive groove but the different backings etc are great throughout.

So yeah just wondering if anyone has any leads on where I would find something like that.

Here's the video

 International Huslte
Re:REQUEST: Zombie by Fela Kutisubmitted:
2014/10/11 22:33:22
2014/10/11 22:33:22

If anyone would have it, it would be the guys from Chicago Afrobeat Project. I'd reach out to them.


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