"Clint" by John Abercrombie, et al.

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"Clint" by John Abercrombie, et al.submitted:
2013/06/25 11:39:45
2020/04/23 16:16:55

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Here's another Abercrombie tune, which is recorded on his "Current Events" album. The multiple stave system with a brace is actually divided into two parts: 1) the guitar synth, and 2) the acoustic bass. The solo section (letter B) is rather open, although firmly anchored to the key. Please share your thoughts.

Best, Ville

2018/07/18 07:11:38
2018/07/18 07:14:21

on the 5th bar, the B-7 should be on the second beat !
also, on bar 7th, there's an anticipation of the first beat of the 8h, on the "and" of 4th beat.


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