Ain't That Peculiar - george benson

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Ain't That Peculiar - george bensonsubmitted:
2012/01/03 17:13:02
2012/01/08 14:17:49

Nice forum, I hope it's still up ;-)

Nice instrumental version of this Marvin Gaye tune by jazz instrumentalists. It can be found on "Benson Burner" (1965) with Jack McDuff on hammond organ and Ronnie Cuber on baritone saxophone.

click here to display Sibelius file in a new window/(right-click to download)


Updated with some more practical lay-out.

Re:Ain't That Peculiar - george bensonsubmitted:
2012/01/05 19:14:46
2012/01/06 08:24:28

Thanks for the post!

After reinstalling the Sibelius Scorch plugin (and changing the site code to their slightly changed syntax), your sib file appears perfectly in Firefox, but not in Chrome or Safari (both built on the Apple Webkit). Scorch is a 32-bit plugin, so maybe that's causing trouble with the new browsers. I'll keep looking (and trying to figure out what's up with Ville's files not being recognized).

Looks like:
Mac OS: Scorch plugin works on this site in Firefox, not Safari or Chrome
Windows: Scorch plugin works on this site inf Firefox and InternetExploder, not Chrome

Pretty nice plugin though, allows you to play the sib files, change tempo, transpose, and print.
Get it here:

Re:Ain't That Peculiar - george bensonsubmitted:
2012/01/03 17:16:44
2012/01/08 14:21:17

I uploaded a Sibelius file but can't see if it is actually here. Therefore here the git part in pdf.
Maybe it's my browser (google chrome)?

In safari it works ok, only now I can't see the pdf files :-|. Uploaded the new score in pdf.

It appears that you do not have a plug-in to view PDFs.

click here to display PDF in a new window



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