Decoy by Miles Davis

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Decoy by Miles Davissubmitted:
2011/08/24 07:45:12
2013/04/27 05:18:33

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This is the title number from Miles Davis' Decoy album (1985), which is rated as a flop of his latter career. The tune has a characteristic steady funk-rock groove with synthetic sounds and chromatic lines. The harmony is pretty loose here, including a good deal of chromatic movement and dissonance. I would suggest playing a Eb/A chord at letter A, and a Dm7(13) at B. The piece has a rough and dynamic urban pulse. The slap bass is putting diminished 5ths in hard use.

:) Ville

2013/04/11 07:16:07
2013/04/11 07:16:16

hello Can you kindly send me the part of decoy?
Thanks in advance


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