"Unrequited" by Brad Mehldau

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"Unrequited" by Brad Mehldausubmitted:
2011/06/01 07:06:52
2011/06/01 07:28:19

There are at least three recorded versions of this composition: 1) Mehldau's "The Art of the Trio, Vol. 3: Songs", 2) Pat Metheny's and Mehldau's collaboration entitled "Metheny/Mehldau", and 3) Mehldau's most recent "Live in Marciac".

The melody - that moves in small intervals - is freely interpreted rhythmically and its interpretation varies between the recordings a good deal. My transcription is based on the "Art of the Trio, Vol 3" trio cut and "Metheny/Mehldau" duet recording. The pickup note (C) is omitted on the "Trio" recording.

The piece modulates through various minor keys, and never really resolves, creating a perception of perpetual motion. The piano utilizes a three-part counterpoint alongside the bass line, weaving a rhythmically and harmonically interesting texture.

:) Ville

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