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Help with "Beija-Flor"submitted:
2011/02/18 05:46:45
2014/10/11 12:31:03

I came across this beautiful bossa nova piece on Jim Hall's "All Across the City". I scribbled down a rough transcription of the song. However, I'm unsure of the chord progression of the A section and thus need to consult you out there.

The letter A has a few suspended 4ths that resolve to 3rds, and some augmented 5ths that resolve down a half step (e.g. at bar 4 of A: F/A -> Am), which I've left aside from the chord progression. I'm particularly uncertain about the F#m7b5 (or Am6) at bar 12 of letter A. Does anyone have a sheet music to this wonderful piece?

Here's Jim Hall's treatment of the composition (in A minor) along with Brazilian MPB-4 group's sung version (in C minor):
All help is much appreciated!

Best, Ville

Re:Help with submitted:
2014/10/11 12:28:05
2014/10/11 12:31:03

It appears that you do not have a plug-in to view PDFs.

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