"Upside Downside" by Mike Stern

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"Upside Downside" by Mike Sternsubmitted:
2011/02/08 07:13:04
2011/05/20 04:53:54

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This is title track from Stern's album of the same name. The A section (as well as intro and much of the solo section) is built on a bass figure that suggests a loose E7 harmony. The melody utilizes an interval of sixth - especially at letters C1 & C2, which differ only in the bass line (the bass uses a lot of tritone substitutions at those sections). Any comments?

:) Ville

 Geoff J
Re:"Upside Downside" by Mike Sternsubmitted:
2011/02/10 18:52:15
2011/02/10 18:52:15

Awesome Job !! Check this guy's transcription of Weckl's drumming on that cut

Re:"Upside Downside" by Mike Sternsubmitted:
2011/04/19 22:34:32
2011/04/19 22:34:32

First of all Incredible Transcription! I've been waiting years for this. Thanks! Though There is one note on this chart that stern plays differently on both the studio recording and the live at Hambrug video. At the last measure of C2 the E-flat of beat 3 should be a B-flat above the staff instead. Feel free to correct me if I've mis-posted. Thanks Again! you have enabled my combo to play this awesome piece.

2011/04/21 07:31:32
2011/04/21 08:07:08

Hi Inkblot!

You're right, thanks for correcting that slip! The downward melodic interval of sixth (Bb - Db) is also applied at the end of letter C1.

Best, Ville


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