"Vein Melter" by Herbie Hancock

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"Vein Melter" by Herbie Hancocksubmitted:
2010/08/25 06:49:46
2022/02/23 18:29:00

A transcription of Herbie Hancock's "Vein Melter" as played on his "Head Hunters" (1973).

:) Ville

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Re:"Vein Melter" by Herbie Hancocksubmitted:
2022/02/20 15:03:38
2022/02/20 15:03:38

On this glamorous tune Herbie plays a b2/b9 (G#/Ab) on a GMaj7 chord, but it doesn’t sound as striking as in theory would, thanks to his wits.

The piece alternates between A minor and A major. I didn’t include the 7ths and upper tensions (6/13, 7, 9, #11) in chord names; the thick texture of the recording practically includes them all.

- Ville


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