"Spanish Key" by Miles Davis

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"Spanish Key" by Miles Davissubmitted:
2010/08/17 08:42:06
2010/08/26 06:32:05

Hi there!

Here's a lead sheet for Miles' "Spanish Key" as performed on his "Bitches Brew". Miles employs so called "coded phrases" in order to direct the band. Phrygian modes are applied here both on D7#9 and E7#9 chords. I guess that the word "Spanish" in the title stems from the Phrygian mode, which has a strong Spanish flavor. The four sections (letters A, B, C, D) are repeated over and over again in the following order:
1) Introduction;
2) A (main theme = phrase 1);
3) Phrase 2;
4) B (solo);
5) C (solo);
6) Phrase 3;
7) D (solo);
8) Phrase 3;
9) C (solo);
10) Phrase 3;
11) D (solo);
12) A (main theme)
13) Phrase 2;
14) B (solo);
15) C (solo);
16) Phrase 3;
17) D (solo);
18) A (main theme);
19) Phrase 2 (Miles plays the phrase and band ends on D7#9).

:) Ville

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