Slings and Arrows by Michael Brecker

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Slings and Arrows by Michael Breckersubmitted:
2008/11/17 04:26:56
2017/04/21 06:30:48

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This challenging number is from Mike Brecker's Tales from the Hudson album that is out of this world. All daredevils out there, have a go at this one!

:) Ville

Re:Slings and Arrows by Michael Breckersubmitted:
2008/11/18 17:47:12
2008/11/18 17:47:12

Great job, that transcription is both really accurate and really clean. I've always loved this tune.

I'd love to play it, but it'd be difficult without individual parts and I'd also like to add some more horns. It looks like you made it in Sibelius, would you be against sharing your Sibelius file so that I could play it with a combo? That'd be great and would save me a lot of time inputting all those notes, but if you don't want to that is understandable.


Re:Slings and Arrows by Michael Breckersubmitted:
2008/11/20 04:39:15
2009/09/10 02:09:04


Glad you like the tune, it's my favorite too. I'd be happy to help you with the Sibelius file, but that particular file of mine is somehow bugged - the software won't play the coda for some reason(?). I've been thinking of rewriting the chart some day. So I would encourage you to write it down yourself.

Best wishes from Ville

P.S. I've copied the chart from the All-Jazz Real Book by Chuck Sher.

Re:Slings and Arrows by Michael Breckersubmitted:
2017/04/21 06:30:48
2017/04/21 06:30:48

Hi! Great job on this one. The guitar part on the Bridge is missing - its kind of a mystery - probably a seasoned guiatarist could pull it out. I was thinking about playing this with my quartet, too. Not just Midnight Voyage. WOW - just realized 10 years since Mike's passing!


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