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Ear Trainingsubmitted:
2007/09/18 15:22:30
2008/01/20 18:49:55

For online ear training (and a music theory resource), the following is great:

For a standalone applications, the Functional Ear Trainer is pretty nice:

and the GNU Solfege is great:

But at least for me, one of the best opportunities to listen is in the car, where neither of the above are available. I also thought that having an aural answer to whatever ear training challenge was presented would be nice (so you don't need to look at the title for the answer). The solution seemed to be mp3s of intervals, chords, etc., so I wrote a little program to create these, and below is a zipped up folder of a sample of these. Each file is an interval, followed by a pause, then the answer as a major scale fragment, with any alteration to the interval as a downward step at the end of the scale fragment.

You can download them and put em on your iPod or burn em to a mp3 cd, and do some eyes-free ear training.

Now there's a section here at FJI for this:


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