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Diatonic Modal Planingsubmitted:
2009/01/01 06:41:49
2009/01/01 06:44:46

Excerpted from Functional Jazz Guitar, by Ed Byrne:



Planing is a technique in which a vertical structure is moved up or down in step-wise fashion. Extremely useful in moments of harmonic stasis (absence of movement, such as vamps and modal playing) is Diatonic Planing, in which we plane in similar motion while retaining the notes of a given diatonic scale or mode.

In long modal vamps or vamps involving sustained dominant or minor chords, one can create the sense of movement through planing even when the chords do not progress. Two of the most useful forms of diatonic planing in jazz involve either first inversion triads or three-note voicings in fourths.

Here below is an example of all of the modes planed in 3-note quartal voicings for guitar.

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