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John Coltrane His Life and Musicsubmitted:
2020/07/29 08:22:38
2020/07/29 11:43:38

By Lewis Porter is the biography of Coltrane. Itīs a very well written book and probably a must read for jazz musicians.

What I wanted to point out is that it contains a whole lotīs of score examples, practice examples provided by Jimmy Heath, that used to practice with Coltrane at the time. There is a trove of gems in this book, highly recommended.

I added one of three pages where Jimmy is talking about the digital patterns they used to practice. I have read many jazz books, Silver, Shorter, Davis, Morgan, Art Blakey and others, the Coltrane book is by far the most technical of them all. Often with detailed explanations on what he was trying to accomplice.

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