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  Jazz newbie - looking for albums similar to Wood

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Jazz newbie - looking for albums similar to Woodsubmitted:
2017/02/08 17:30:58
2017/02/15 08:58:34


I don't know much about jazz, but I just found out Woody & Jazz album from Manuel Fraga trio. I'm curious to know what era this jazz album relate to and what are other jazz albums similar to it.

I love the energy in this album and the fact that the musicians are limited to piano, bass and drum.

I would be more than happy to hear some of your suggestions and get to know more about that specific kind of jazz.

Thank you

Re:Jazz newbie - looking for albums similar to Wsubmitted:
2017/02/15 08:58:34
2017/02/15 10:35:52

Woody Allen is a big fan of Woody Herman's music, as well as swing and traditional jazz in general. I listened to this Manuel Fraga's recording in question, which I'd call 'small group swing'.

Hope this helps.

:) Ville


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