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Think of One Fakebooksubmitted:
2017/01/04 08:42:00
2017/01/04 11:10:06

Hello there!

Some fake book index lists a publication titled "Think of One Fakebook", which has a number of lead sheets for tunes not issued elsewhere. Does anyone have a copy of that book, or has anyone at least seen it? I haven't found any trace of the book on the Internet. According to a discussion at <> the book might be compiled by mr. Graham Bruce(?). Please let me know if you have any information.

Best regards, Ville

Re:Think of One Fakebooksubmitted:
2017/01/04 11:10:06
2017/01/04 11:10:06

Here's another discussion about the "Think Of One" fakebook along with a scanned index (incomplete):


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