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  3 things marketers already know but aren’t apply

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3 things marketers already know but aren’t applysubmitted:
2015/03/26 00:24:29
2015/03/26 00:24:29

We all do things we know we shouldn’t do—like eating a bunch of sweets and sugar and neglecting our vegetables, watching TV when we could be exercising, running yellow traffic lights because we don’t want to get stuck for another cycle. The same goes for marketers who know better than to use the lazy strategies they’ve always used, but they can’t seem to find the will to change.
At this year’s SXSW conference, presenters spent a lot of time focusing on mobile marketing and advertising. VentureBeat published an article by Gilad Bechar, the founder and CEO of Moburst, a global mobile marketing agency, which explained some of the key takeaways marketers should finally start implementing in their strategies.
Focus on influence rather than outreach
By this time, all marketers know that high volumes of online visitors doesn’t mean squat for the bottom line. Just because someone looks at your brand or your product doesn’t mean they “see” it. The conference reminded marketers to “shift focus and star looking at users as human beings instead of bits of data.”
When you realize your clientele has unique needs outside of what you think they need, you’re more likely to win friends and influence people. Mobile devices have opened up avenues never before available for marketers to meet customer needs.
Don’t neglect the basics
Yes, it’s a lot of fun to come up with crazy, half-possible ideas, but it isn’t flashy, once-in-a-while projects like this that win loyal customers. They attract attention, but it’s up to the basic design of your product’s website and day-to-day content marketing that will convert curious bystanders into frequent purchasers.
Bechar pointed out, “App marketers and developers must realize that mobile marketing is not just about coming up with cool, creative ideas . . . and is more than often a technical procedure that takes place out of plain sight.”
Be knowledgeable about the product
Marketers don’t tend to work directly with the product or service being sold—that’s another department’s job, after all. But if you’re only halfway acquainted with what you’re selling, how can you be sure you’re highlighting the features that are really important, that people really care about? Marketers and product developers should work hand-in-hand to make sure the product is what people want and it’s being described and marketed appropriately.

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Source: venturebeat .com/2015/03/18/keep-mobile-weird-4-mobile-marketing-lessons-from-sxsw/

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