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New site for sharing Jazz Transcriptionssubmitted:
2012/01/22 17:13:31
2012/01/24 02:07:56

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to let you all know about a new site I'm creating. This site is great, but mine specifically deals with just jazz transcriptions, and hopefully makes it easier to view, share, and rate transcriptions of jazz solos.

You can find the website at Clearly, its a little low on content right now, but my hope is that in time it can become a sort of search engine for transcriptions of solos in any instrument. Currently I let people upload transcriptions either as a PDF or simply as a link to someone else's site.

Hopefully it can be a community resource, I created it since I couldn't find anything similar online. Since its new, I definitely appreciate feedback about any parts of the site, including things that you think it might be missing.

Thanks! Enjoy


Re:New site for sharing Jazz Transcriptionssubmitted:
2012/01/24 02:07:56
2012/01/24 02:07:56

You weren't able to find any sites with jazz transcriptions as PDFs online, so you created a new site and are talking about it here? That's pretty funny.


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