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Blues Analysis Questionsubmitted:
2011/05/19 16:21:29
2011/06/26 02:28:30

This question came up during a theory class - how can one explain a minor iv7 chord in bar 6 of a standard blues, e.g. bar 5 is the dominant IV7 and then bar 6 is also a iv but minor in tonality?
Many Thanks in advance


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Re:Blues Analysis Questionsubmitted:
2011/06/26 02:28:30
2011/06/26 02:28:30

Depending on what it's leading to, the IV- is setting up for the next change (which all responsible blues chords should be doing). If it's going back to the I, the IV- makes a nice altered dominant against that I, using a b9, a b7, #5, and b3. And if it's headed for the Vii7 (as in Blues for Alice) it's a leading minor substitute. That's how I see it, at least. The IV is the big drama of a blues as well as the big sticking point. Changing to minor provides an elegant exit.


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