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  Sanctuary by Wayne Shorter

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Sanctuary by Wayne Shortersubmitted:
2010/06/26 11:09:28
2010/06/27 00:52:51

Hi there!

I've been studying on Wayne Shorter's "Sanctuary", which has been performed on Miles Davis' "Circle in the Round" and "Bitches Brew" as well as Wayne Shorter's "Footprints Live!". The tune was originally composed in 3/4 meter, but Miles reworked its head into a free-tempo ballad on his "Bitches Brew" album. Due to the rubato rendition, the melody - as it's supposed to be written in Wayne's original lead sheet - is quite difficult to transcribe.

On Wayne's later performances (e.g. Footprints Live!) the song is played in 4/4 time, which gives a good picture of the structure and the phrasing of the melody. However, the "opening phrase" that can be heard on "Bitches Brew" and "Circle in the Round" is omitted on Wayne's later renditions. On "Footprints Live!" and on the concert video clip (see below) a rubato section precedes the head. The melody is played over D pedal in bass, while the static chords change from altered dominant (D7alt.) harmony to major or lydian (DMaj7) and from dorian (D-7) to lydian dominant (D7#11) harmonies in relation to the pedal note. I'm not aware how "open" the changes are and how does the original changes look like, but I made a rough assessment of the harmonic progression (see the transcription). (Also, the melodic rhythm in the transcription hints at 3/4 time.)

Now, I want you to check up on the harmony of this song and come forward with a sensible chord progression on this site. ;)

Best regards from Ville

Wayne Shorter performing Sanctuary live with his quartet

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