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  Freddy Hubbard's Red Clay: which key?

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Freddy Hubbard's Red Clay: which key?submitted:
2009/03/11 07:02:32
2014/09/12 10:16:36

Hello every one,
I am currently puzzled by the Red Clay's score in the Real Book that starts in the key of C-. The tune is on different versions (Freddy Hubbard original in the studio, live, with VSOP, ...) played in Db-, no idea where a C- version comes from.
Any idea?
Thanks you,
Philippe, Belgium

Re:Freddy Hubbard's Red Clay: which key?submitted:
2010/06/27 01:16:44
2010/06/27 01:18:47

Red Clay is written and played in the key of C# minor (take a look at my transcription for futher details).
Regards, Ville

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Re:Freddy Hubbard's Red Clay: which key?submitted:
2013/11/01 11:19:57
2013/11/01 11:19:57

You're right--Red Clay is in Db minor (C# minor). That's the original key that Freddie Hubbard plays it in. That's also the key you'll find it in the Jamey Aebersold Freddie Hubbard Volume 60. However, because this is a difficult key for many horn players it is often played in C minor at jam sessions. That's why you find it in C minor in the Real Book. You should learn the tune in both keys because if you call it at a jam session the other players may only know it in one of these keys--and you don't want to get stuck transposing on the spot--especially if you're the one that called the tune! It's a great soulful melody and the changes are deceptively simple to solo over. Enjoy!

Re:Freddy Hubbard's Red Clay: which key?submitted:
2014/04/01 14:41:55
2014/04/01 14:41:55

If you get stuck on the changes, you can always play Bobby Hebb's "Sunny!"

Re:Freddy Hubbard's Red Clay: which key?submitted:
2014/09/12 10:16:36
2014/09/12 10:16:36

Thanks Ville! great transcription


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