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Need Gospel Jazz Compositionssubmitted:
2008/11/23 08:38:14
2008/11/23 08:38:14

Hello All,

I recently joined FJI and noticed almost immediately that there's a wealth of information here that will benefit me. I'm an experienced musician but consider myself a novice when it comes to jazz.

Anyway, I lead a male acapella sextet and we have recently reorganized ourselves and are ready to sing again (well after everybody went away for school and is now back). We're in need of good quality gospel jazz renditions set in 5 or 6 part harmonies. Most of us in the group are musicians and do write our own stuff every once in a while, but we're looking to work with anybody who's interested in sharing their music with us.

It is our hope to record what we do. If you're out there and do write such music please do get in touch with me or post a reply and let's collaborate. Thanks.



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