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  Scorch on Intel Macs

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Scorch on Intel Macssubmitted:
2007/04/19 12:09:57
2014/04/16 07:29:04

Scorch on Intel Macs

When you're using Scorch in the Safari or Firefox web browser, you may get an alert that says you need a plug-in file - even though you know you have the plug-in already. This is because the newer browsers are running as Universal programs, but many plug-ins including Scorch are currently PowerPC-only software.

Therefore, until a Universal version of Scorch is available please run your web browser as a Rosetta application. To do this, quit Safari and open its Get Info window in the Finder by going to MacintoshHD, Applications and clicking on the application icon and press Command-I. Choose the Open Using Rosetta option.
The next time you launch Safari, it will open using Rosetta.

If you have been running an older version of Firefox and have since updated it to, it may not have the Rosetta option described above. To see the option you will need to delete your current installation of Firefox and download a fresh installation of Firefox from the Firefox download page.

(Thanks for that info, chris)

Re:Scorch on Intel Macssubmitted:
2014/04/16 07:29:04
2014/04/16 07:29:04

Thanks for the info


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