Chord changes to various jazz standards, and other tunes, without analysis.
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Ten Tunes for a Starter Repertoiresubmitted:
2007/08/10 06:09:34
2010/05/22 17:30:46

Pairing down an essential tunes list even further, but maintaining a breadth of styles, Ed Byrne had suggested the following 10 tunes for getting started:

1. Swing Standard: “There Will Never Be Another You”

(Ed Byrne's solo transcription and Carnegie Hall performance on “There Will Never Be Another You” with Chet Baker)

2. Bossa: “Blue Bossa”

3. Waltz: “All Blues”

4. Ballad: “In a Sentimental Mood”

5. Blues: “Blue Monk”

6. Changing feels: “Green Dolphin Street”

7. Funky: “Watermelon Man"

8. Classic: “Summertime”

9. Bop Blues: “Au Privave”

10. Swing Minor Standard: “Autumn Leaves”

(don't miss Jake Hanlon's study on Autumn Leaves )

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Re: Ten Tunes for a Starter Repertoiresubmitted:
2010/05/22 17:30:46
2010/05/22 17:30:46

Thanks for putting this together. Why nothing based on rhythm changes?


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