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Re:In addition to the eBook...submitted:
2013/08/19 12:44:18
2013/08/19 12:44:18

Hello. My name is Terry. I am a former self taught drummer that informally played in rock bands in high school and after. I'm now a mostly self taught jazz pianist...presently taking much needed lessons on a weekly basis. I also participate in a local Jazz Band Master Class workshop which brings together a jazz ensemble (usually sax, guitar, bass, drums and piano, with an occasional vocalist) twice a month, and I have a basement jazz band that has been together for almost 2 years now. We just started playing our first gigs (unpaid), and are enjoying this phase of our development as a new band (2 saxes, guitar, bass, drums and keyboards).

I guess I'd consider myself an intermediate level piano player, but seriously lacking the formal music theory education and chops that a professional would have. At my age (56), and my state in life to be able to dedicate most of my free time to jazz and playing/practicing whenever I can, I find myself yearning to learn as much as possible, but unable to fully or easily grasp many of the theory concepts when presented in the workshop or during our band practices. Would add that my band mates are a mixture of trained musicians and one that only plays by ear. I'm kind of caught in the middle (skill wise)...which tends to get frustrating on how much of my time I should spend on learning and trying hard to understand music theory (reading jazz manuals) or on just playing (practicing, reading jazz lead sheets and listening to the composers ideas). Not sure how exactly to phrase the question, but would ask if I should continue doing all of the above? I've had some professional musicians tell me that learning theory is good to get your Masters degree in music while encouraging me to just play/enjoy...and thereby learn from the playing experiences.

Any input from your perspective is greatly appreciated. Thanks

Re:In addition to the eBook...submitted:
2013/08/22 15:43:05
2013/08/22 15:43:05

This site appears to be the 'sister site' for...
It is excellent for the purpose that it's currently being used.

If you wish to share something and engage other musicians directly, then the FORUMS at the above site might be what you're looking for.
The forums are down now, but from time to time do a follow up.


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