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A Philosophical Approach to Jazz Pianosubmitted:
2013/06/17 02:25:57
2014/05/25 11:54:11

Welcome, fellow jazz piano enthusiast...

I have the privelage and pleasure of being given the opportunity to share with you my own approach to Jazz Piano which I am quite confident will be one you have not come across before and one which you will find incredibly useful and eye-opening.

The intentions of my presence on this website are simlpe: I wish to promote my Jazz Piano eBook and I wish to partake in discussions regarding my own philosophy and in giving questions from participants my own hopefully helpful insights, so do feel free to get involved.

If you wish to purchase the eBook, simply visit my blog: and, after having got a feel for my style by reading a few entries, go to the buy eBook page and follow the instructions. Do absolutely please tell me if you found the book from here in the Buyer's Instruction box available from the paypal button once you press it.

I look forward to your involvement.

All the best,



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