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Re:The Dissonant Nucleussubmitted:
2019/04/16 09:21:38
2019/04/18 03:05:16

In Conclusion ...

What's transforming about the twin threads, Consonant/Dissonant Nuclei, is that I've taken all the familiar conventions of the Western tonal system and rendered them into the language of atonality.

In other words, a 'door' has been created that allows me to slip back and forth between tonality and atonality ... on a whim (sometimes within a single phrase) in a virtually seamless process.

In fact, all the musical 'snapshots' that I've written on this board over the last couple of years have enjoyed this hybrid approach in varying degrees.

Anyone versed in the conventions of set-theory and atonality will find the examples excellent food for fodder.


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