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  Blue Tonal Numbers - Harmonics and Blue b7 b3

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 Ken Valentino
Blue Tonal Numbers - Harmonics and Blue b7 b3submitted:
2017/07/19 13:48:50
2017/07/20 13:42:35

Blue Tonal Numbers are faced Positive so they can resolve, but because of their complexity they can easily resolve to other things. Harmonics are played first to hear the exact ratio.

1:7 2:7 3:7 4:7 5:7 6:7 8:7 and so on are all Blue Tonal Numbers. Standard 12 EDO tuning is used, but the perceived intonation should be slightly flatter.

Once a Blue Number is perceived then further connections can potentially become Blue Numbers. In this case a positive blue b3 is attached. The result being that you could have a resolved dom7(#9) as a Key Chord.

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