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  Turning the 6 into a Reference Tone

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 Ken Valentino
Turning the 6 into a Reference Tonesubmitted:
2014/08/12 07:20:47
2014/08/12 07:48:38

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In this example the lower walking line just stays in the key of E. The second guitar part though goes back and forth from measuring off the key to instead measuring off different reference tones.

0:47 I know I have a reference tone on C# because the E note resolves into the F (b3 -->3).

1:26 Back on the key of E proving that it's still my 1 in that register.

1:35 Again on C# and even with a microtonal bend on the E.

2:24 A really tense E note proves that in that register the E isn't my 1. If I'm matching my theory to my ear then I'm hearing E as the b3 of C#.

Other reference tones happen occasionally in the example.


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